Case Management

an integrated cloud-hosted solution accessible on and off campus using any device with a browser.

WillowSoft includes all of the components for a comprehensive Student Management System using Case Management methodology for managing outcomes and built-in tools for managing tasks and interventions.

Platform Components

Multi-user access, fully responsive

Staff, counsellors, external tutors and student have personalised access to the WillowSoft Platform using any device with a web browser. WillowSoft has built-in multilevel security access & controls.

Teams and Student auto allocation

The initial setup involves creating user accounts for staff and assigning them to teams based on location and study area preferences. When student data is uploaded into the system you can auto allocate to the right teams.

Programs and Case Plans

Programs are used to organise cohorts of students and provide a view of progression through the different phases of the student life-cycle. Case Plans determine the prescriptive activities or interventions that are scheduled for the students.

Data Exchange

There are number of standardised import routines for creating and maintaining the student data in the WilllowSoft Platform. Data and reports can also be exported if required.

Data Security

Your student data is protected and securely stored in one of the major data centres in Australia. We routinely perform external penetration testing to protect against unauthorised access.

Rapid Implementation

We offer an on-boarding plan that includes a one week on-campus training and initial setup and generally expect within 4 weeks you will have student data and staff using the system.

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