Discover the "why" behind the risk - even for students with no signs of academic stress.

Student risk can be better determined by understanding an integrated student view which considers - Pastoral care, Transition, Support and Academic learning challenges.  Willowsoft helps you place equal emphasis on personal, emotional and academic challenges that affect Students ability to succeed. Willowsoft’s academic research driven framework taking student diagnostics and translating to a structure of sub-domains with definitions for use in the assessment tool for measurement of the student situation and belief. Any significant gap between assessment result and goal will initiate case plan activities, ensuring early intervention to keep students on the right track.

Academic research

Research-driven framework - ensures that you hit the ground running. Willowsoft comes preloaded with a proven structure of sub-domains, noncognitive surveys, programs and case plans.

Our annual deep learning forums also ensure that you get access to leading-edge insights into student success. Unlike other technologies, WillowSoft is specifically for Indigenous Students attending Australian Universities. We acknowledge the innovative and proven approaches of world-leading researcher Professor Martin Nakata and other leading Australian researchers.

Holistic view of the Student

Non-cognitive factors like does the student work and the number of hours they work while in university, whether they are receptive to support services, do they think they will be successful in university, are they mastering academic skills, are they open to tutoring, etc. can also provide additional factors that contribute to student success. Willowsoft non-cognitive assessments are designed to help university's define "the what" behind the risk by providing the university with the diagnostic information of the Student.

Willowsoft also allows for the creation and customisation of assessments & surveys to be administered through the Willowsoft system.  Based on the results of the assessments, students can be grouped into related cohorts and interventions to support the development of Students' capacity to move towards independence and take charge of their own learning.

Progress tracking

When university's take advantage of Willowsoft’s non-cognitive assessments - university's will know who is at risk at enquiry,recruitment, selection, admission and orientation.

That's the most comprehensive tool available on the market today. Willowsoft enables university's to engage the right students at the right time, which is the key to efficiently and effectively managing student risk

Early alerts

Align strategic university priorities, indigenous student success programme (ISSP) reports and Indigenous Education Units (IEU’s) budgets. By connecting outcomes achievement data to the strategic planning process, you'll be able to showcase how your university is supporting indigenous student progression.   

Customisable dashboards with selected data points for cohort monitoring and super granular views of student status in each enrolled subject.  

Reports for individuals, teams, departments, and campus. The student assessments uncover non-cognitive influences that can collectively increase the accuracy of your performance and persistence predictions by as much as 40%.

Willowsoft consistently monitors student behaviour and alerts staff of any at-risk behaviour and reminds tutors and students of upcoming appointments.  

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