The key to indigenous success is holistic engagement.

Staff have an holistic view of the Student all on one screen - no need to switch applications and view student information on the university's CRM or SIS system. Multi-discipline teams are assigned student cohorts based on location and study area preferences and share a common team page. Student interactions are initiated and managed directly within WillowSoft for optimum staff efficiency.

Student data on one screen

Each student has their own Profile page which has been carefully designed to allow university staff to access any of the student information at the same time as creating or updating intervention tasks, updating notes or performing assessments. No more switching between applications to review file notes, course data or the latest interactions for the student.

All interactions have an assigned owner, record an audit log of all the communications and notes and when completed capture the task duration for reporting. No more post-it notes stuck on your monitor, all tasks are visible on the Student Profile and Team page listed by due date.

Team engagement

Unlike most CRM systems which allocates tasks to an individual staff member, Willowsoft uses a team structure where several staff are assigned to manage a cohort or students based on location and study area, etc. Multi-disciplined staff have a holistic view of their student cohort with dashboards and analytics to highlight at-risk students and create intervention strategies to get back on the right path.

WillowSoft continuously monitors key parameters of the student data in the background and at any time can trigger alert tasks which will appear on the team page for staff to investigate. This ensures no surprises and gives opportunity for early intervention.

Student Portal

There are some activities especially around tutoring which requires students to interact with tutors and staff so WillowSoft offers a student portal which students can access using their smart phone. Data is specific to tutor interactions and push surveys to facilitate 360 degree assessments to gauge strengths and areas where support is required.

Tutor Support

University staff search for tutors specifying location, study area and experience to match student needs which is the first stage of tutor recruitment. After the contract is awarded the tutor receives a special login to WillowSoft to manage the student tutor sessions, calendar and notifications for the student.

At all times the university staff have full visibility of the student progress including tutor assessment, student feedback and tutor hours consumed by the student

Event Registration

Willowsoft supports creating events such as summer or winter school and providing a unique application URL link which student can use on their smart phones to complete the registration process.

Parents, Guardian and High Schools are also involved in the application process to provide supporting information and consent for the student. Applications can then be managed by university staff with bulk communication tools and post-event sending of certificates

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