Using data to transform indigenous student success

Live dashboards show the student cohort performance with analytics to drill down and identify problem areas. Willowsoft Analytics machine learning identifies patterns of contributing factors for success or failure and used to tune goal settings on assessments and interventions.


In order to improve student outcomes you must understand the current situation and for this WillowSoft has built-in standardised assessment tools that can be completed by staff, tutors and even self-assessment by the student. The assessment includes sub-domains which check non-cognitive factors which have a proven relationship to student success thereby providing data for plans to be worked up with interventions to address any outstanding needs.


With Student, staff & tutor analytics and dashboards, you can monitor behaviours and outcomes in real time. Gauge which of your programs and support services are moving the needle toward student success.

Unlike any other available student retention option, Willowsoft provides all facets of the student life-cycle with real-time data and solutions, adapting to unique scenarios and providing students and support staff with all the tools needed to improve the outcomes of students.

44% of at-risk Students have a 4.0+ GPA...

What if you knew who they were?
How would you support them?
WillowSoft Deep Learning Insights July 2019

Machine learning & Research

We periodically take de-identified student data and feed this into machine learning algorithms to identify patterns and correlations. These results are then used to tune thresholds for standard assessments and alert triggers.

Each year we host an annual conference where we share the benchmark results for the universities that use WillowSoft.

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