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Introducing WillowSoft

The innovative education platform that empowers schools to make data-driven decisions to improve student outcomes. Our cutting-edge data analysis tools and evidence-based evaluations enable educators to identify areas for improvement and optimise education programs and strategies for maximum effectiveness and efficiency. With our user-friendly dashboards, school leaders can access valuable insights and make informed decisions that positively impact student learning. Our platform is an essential investment for any school looking to elevate student achievement, improve teaching quality, and create a culture of excellence. Choose WillowSoft, and join a community of education professionals who are committed to making a positive difference in the lives of their students.

The Challenge

“Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students constitute a very small cohort of students who go on to participate in STEM disciplines in university settings. The challenges in increasingly higher numbers of students in university-level studies have been the level of achievements in the school system in core disciplines like Math and Science.” …… “James Cook University’s (JCU) STEM work at the Indigenous Education and Research Centre (IERC) is to help surmount these challenges.” The project between JCU and CABAH involves 1600+ Prep to Year 12 Indigenous students across seventeen schools in remote area of Australia. (IERC, JCU 2017)

WillowSoft is engaged by JCU IERC and schools to collect and analyse the data related to student performance in STEM disciplines as part of this research project. WillowSoft is also measuring the overall impact of the project on the academic outcomes of Indigenous students across multiple schools.
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Maximising School Performance

Teachers and school leaders who regularly monitor their own strategies for meeting school targets can benefit from WillowSoft Schools. By providing electronic access to attainment data and software to analyse and communicate student performance, WillowSoft Schools enables teachers to routinely use objective data as evidence of successful teaching. With a focus on data literacy and a systematic approach to data collection and analysis, WillowSoft Schools helps schools identify gaps in student learning, monitor improvement over time, and ultimately, improve academic outcomes for all students.
Easily measure student performance against the Australian Curriculum
Quickly tailor instructions to meet individual needs
Facilitate data collection, foster a culture of continuous improvement
Work with JCU's top researchers to stay current with the latest findings

Cutting-edge features for Teachers & Schools

Using WillowSoft Schools, teachers can save time on activities such as curriculum planning, aligning, and analysing data while gaining the latest insight across classes, cohorts, and the whole school.

Aligned with the Australian Curriculum

The JCU IERC STEM project team has been working with schools to develop end of term assessments in line with Australian Curriculum standards. WillowSoft Schools has an integrated repository of both the Australian Curriculum, and the National Learning Progressions.

Simplify data collection and analysis

Access, download and share data within one environment, saving you time and effort. Plus, you'll gain quick and real-time access to comprehensive longitudinal trend analysis and user-friendly dashboards.

Grade management tools

Manage grades confidently throughout the year with comprehensive grade management tools. The system's exclusive features, allow you to quickly and accurately grade and report on student performance. This not only saves you time but also provides a comprehensive view of student progress and areas that may need extra attention.

Gain insights into student performance

Have a holistic view of student progress, allowing you to tailor your teaching strategies accordingly. With our platform, you can identify trends in learning, create student learning plans, and provide continuous assessment to students or parents.

School-wide insights

See an instantaneous picture of progress across classes, cohorts, and the entire school, identifying trends, analyzing student, class, and cohort performance.

Professional learning opportunities

Take advantage of WillowSoft Schools to boost your data literacy skills and plan your lesson effectively.
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